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Copper Building Wire - Commercial 09302019C 09092019C
Copper Building Wire - Residential 09302019R 09092019R
SIMpull? CoilPAK? and WireBARREL? 09302019K 09092019K
Electrical Bare Copper 09302019B 09092019B
Aluminum Building Wire - Commercial 52AC 51AC
Aluminum Building Wire - Residential 52AR 51AR
MC Cable - Circuit - Aluminum Armor AS38 AS37
MC Cable – Type MC-PCS, PVC Jkt & HCF MP38 MP37
MC Cable Intermediate - Copper Conductors IF38 IF37
MC Cable Feeder - Copper Conductors MC38 MC37
MC Cable - Circuit - Whips WH35 WH34
MC Cable - Circuit - Steel Armor SS38 SS37
MC Cable Feeder - Aluminum Conductors AF42 AF41
MC Cable - Circuit - Special Construction SP38 SP37
Flexible Conduit DF21 DF20
Bare Aluminum Conductor BA49 BA48
Covered Aluminum Conductor CA49 CA48
Medium Voltage - URD MV30 MV29
Utility Bare Copper and Transformer Riser Wire BC20 BC19
Reel Packaging Information RPI-1-28
Bare, Covered, and MV Aluminum Multiplier Schedule DS-UTP-82 DS-UTP-81

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